Setup a ESP8266 Microcontroller - Mac OS

Setup a ESP8266 Microcontroller - Mac OS

Install the necessary drives and configure Arduino IDE to start tinkering with the ESP8266 Microcontroller

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·Oct 1, 2021·

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  1. Download the Mac VCP drivers at
  2. Install the drivers, authorize any security prompts that appear while installing
  3. (On recent macOS releases) Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. You’ll see a message about the Silabs driver being blocked at the bottom. Click “Allow”
  4. Download and install the Arduino IDE
  5. Open Arduino Preferences and paste the URL below in Additional Board Manager URLs:
  6. Go to Tools > Board > Board Manager> Type “esp8266” and download the Community esp8266 and install
  7. Set up your chip as:
    • Tools > Board > NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module)
    • Tools > Flash Size > 4M (FS:3M OTA: ~512KB)
    • Tools > CPU Frequency > 80 Mhz
    • Tools > Upload Speed > 115200
    • Tools > Port > /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART (leave the rest as-is)
  8. Open File > Examples > ESP8266 > Blink
  9. Compile and Upload. After it's done uploading, the red led should start blinking in your board.
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